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2023 Color Trends by Benjamin Moore Paints

Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2023 Overview

Color is an essential element of good interior design. You can completely transform a room by changing its overall color or draw attention to a certain feature by adding a splash of color in just the right place. And you can even modernize the entire look of your home, simply by staying on top of the latest color trends—which is why they’re so important.

As we look towards 2023, this year’s most popular colors are all about personality. Think beyond all the traditional colors you’ve seen in the last couple of years and envision bold, expressive colors that look like a work of art.

2023 Paint Color Trends

Benjamin Moore is an industry leader when it comes to selecting color trends that make a big impact. And for 2023, they’ve chosen a color palette you have to see to believe.

Marked by hints of coral, red, orange, and pink, Raspberry Blush (2008-30) has been handpicked as the 2023 Color of the Year and for good reason. This bold beauty isn’t like any other rosy color you’ve ever seen. It livens up walls, trim work, arches, and even ceilings while still pairing well with a variety of neutral hues, creating a noticeable sense of magic and allure.

For more subtle tastes, Benjamin Moore also offers up Conch Shell (052) this year—a charming and whimsical pink inspired by the gentle beauty of nature. This preciously pink color can soften any room, and while it’s much prettier than any ordinary beige, it lends itself well as a neutral so you can carry it throughout your home as well.

For those who love rich oranges and browns, this year’s color palette also includes Cinnamon (2174-20) and Wenge (AF-180). When comparing the two think cinnamon stick versus dark chocolate. Both of these paint colors have lush undertones that really set them apart from similar hues, and they can be used as an adventurous neutral or as a prominent accent color.

Next up for Color Trends in 2023 is Savannah Green (2150-30). When you think of this color, picture sunshine meeting grass. This gold-toned gem of a paint color is the perfect choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms.

But perhaps you’re looking for a much softer shade that truly inspires tranquility. Look no further than New Age (1444), a dreamy purple with gray undertones. This paint color is the perfect complement to smaller spaces, like stairways and bathrooms, as well as larger spaces like living rooms and dining rooms.

And for those who adore jewel-toned blues, Benjamin Moore has selected Starry Night Blue (2067-20)—a luminous shade of navy that can even transcend walls, becoming a daring choice for those who want to liven up their kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities.

Lastly, North Sea Green (2053-30) is a delightful teal hue with trace elements of grey mixed in. Reminiscent of gemstones, succulents, and peacock feathers, this gorgeous paint color invokes balance and renewal. Consider using it to brighten up an old brick fireplace, give new life to a decorative door, or provide a punch of color on traditional wainscoting.

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